Reimagining Company Building

Exploring a new entrepreneurial model for building venture scale businesses

We invent + invest in companies that unlock human potential.

We create new business concepts, enable traction, provide seed funding, and drive acceleration through strategic partnerships with top influencers, corporations, and investors.

Building one company is hard. We are building multiple ventures and the infrastructure to repeatedly discover, ideate, experiment, build, and scale them. We do not take on this challenge lightly.

Core to our thesis is that we work with exceptional talent using systems, methodologies, and networks that act as force multipliers, letting us do more with less.

Building from curiosity.

We know that changing the way companies are created, in a space as impactful as the future of living and work, is a big undertaking. That’s why we build from a place of curiosity and we work with intentionality.

We ask ourselves how to:

Make entrepreneurship more inclusive and hire exceptional talent

Uncover solutions to substantial, but overlooked problems

Collaborate with corporations, institutions, and influencers

Use data and technology for determining deployment of resources into starting, building, and scaling ventures

Build systems and methodologies that enable teams to do more with less

Live + Work

New science and technologies, from artificial intelligence and sensors to AR and VR, enable improved understanding, integration, and control of the brain. We explore and build products and services for enhanced brain health and wellness, improved cognition, deeper sleep and recovery, and novel human-information interfaces.

Innovations from biotechnology to manufacturing pave the way for improving our bodies on a personal level. We explore and develop technologies that tap into the power of human potential, unleashing performance solutions designed to fuel healthy, active lifestyles.

The growing economic divide highlights inefficiencies in wealth accumulation despite new business opportunities arising daily. We build platforms and services that enable those on the forefront of the new economy. We focus on micro-entrepreneurship, the sharing economy, and pushing the boundaries of asset ownership and utility.

Purpose exists at the intersection between who we are and what we do. We create technologies and services that enable education, create better work environments, and empower better living so that each of us can activate our purpose and live every day with intention.

Why can’t entrepreneurship be more inclusive?

We believe exceptional work demands exceptional talent. Our methodology allows for the de-risking of early stage company building and the subsequent ability to unlock diverse, experienced talent. We love working with top engineers, designers, product managers, marketers, and operators with varied backgrounds and perspectives.

Why can’t the entrepreneurial process be more collaborative?

We’ve worked with world-class businesses and influential people to launch products, companies, and even innovation platforms.

Why can’t the entrepreneurial process be more efficient?

The venture studio model is unique in the ability to generate “Sustainable Innovation”, our term for the ability to create efficiencies and de-risk across multiple early stage ventures. We’ve built systems and methodologies that act as force multipliers - creating, capturing, and reusing the value created in all of our processes.

Why can’t entrepreneurship have a higher success rate?

We are smart enough to know we have a lot to learn. We build systems to capture and harness data, using it as a guiding force in our pursuit to discover, ideate, test, and build.